AAP is about stepping up!

For passionate and energetic individuals who want to give back to the society, AAP is a platform to step up and volunteer to teach children to create a positive change in their lives.

For our students, AAP means stepping up to compete with the best and the brightest, regardless of the socioeconomic backgrounds.



AAP brings together people who choose to step up in different ways.


Under-resourced, but determined to be better
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Our major (but not the only) source of Learning Coaches
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  • Over 100 Learning Coaches, to date
  • Over 300 students enrolled in the program
  • Students are supported over a maximum of 7 years
  • AAP awarded scholarships to 8 students in 2014 who attend supplementary classes at Meritorious Coaching Center
  • Operating in two campuses of The Citizen’s Foundation
  • Running long term ELT Training for classes 1 to 5 in TCF Qayyumabad


  • It is easy to criticize things happening around us and to see that our education system is entirely inept. But very few people go beyond complaining to fix the system. AAP is one group which gives us an opportunity to step up. Teaching here for 2 hours gives me an irreplaceable feeling of inner peace and happiness that I can’t get from anywhere else.

    Hafiz Areeb Minhaj
    Hafiz Areeb Minhaj
    Learning Coach, Grade 9, Qayyumabad
  • It pains me to see the burning desire that children have to learn, wane away when not appropriately catered to. I’m glad to be a part of AAP which devotes its time and efforts in grooming these bright, young minds. I’ve seen it happening, and it’s the most heart-warming feelings in the world.

    Farheen Ghaffar
    Farheen Ghaffar
    Campus Coordinator, Garden West
  • The thing that struck me the very first day was the passion these children had for studying. It has been a long time since I have seen this in a classroom. This passion they hold can lead to great things and help them transform their life.

    Sarah Zia
    Sarah Zia
    Volunteer at Qayumabad Campus
  • I am honored to be a part of AAP and its noble mission. The commitment which these children have shown towards learning is admirable. I hope that AAP can help these children have a better chance at a great future.

    Muhammad Sabeeh
    Muhammad Sabeeh
    Volunteer at Garden West Campus

Learning Coach Of The Month


Mushka Fatima is an enthusiastic, proactive IBA student who teaches Physics and Math to Grade 10 at the Qayyumabad Campus. She not only plans and comes prepared to all her classes, but she also goes above and beyond to make sure that her students are actively learning. She plans to bring role models to her class and conduct public speaking sessions for her students. She also helped AAP to define activities in order to make Math more engaging.

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