The Dream

AAP wants students from less privileged backgrounds to attend and excel at the top tier universities to fulfill their dreams like we say AAP ka Khwab. We believe that all students should have equal and fair chances of receiving the best education possible. Students should be equipped with the skills to not only dream big, but to be able to realistically achieve what they aspire for!

We have seen that the Pakistani youth has massive potential that frequently remains untapped. If charged and guided the right way, our youth can help solve some of the biggest problems of the country.

At AAP ka Khwab, passionate and enthusiastic individuals can volunteer to teach students from less privileged schools, enabling them to earn admissions into some of the best colleges and universities out there, solely based on their own merit and proven capabilities.


Today, children from most under resourced schools fail to receive adequate support and guidance during their most crucial years. As a result, they often lose hope and drop out of school, or get a subpar degree and struggle to find jobs.


If the same children are recognized at an early age, and supported and guided through academics and inspiration, they can compete with the best and brightest of the privileged class, and live up to their true potential.


AAP is an after-school program which runs classes completely free of cost in under-resourced schools. The program is managed and run mostly by trained volunteers who teach and enable students to climb up on a well structured pathway towards good universities. AAP provides academic and emotional support, as well as financial aid and scholarships beyond school, in order to make this far-sighted dream more attainable.