Ayesha Ghulam Jaffer


I went to an Urdu medium school but I understood that I needed to improve my English if I wanted to get into a good college and university. I joined AAP classes when I was in 6th Grade. The AAP classes were held in the evening at my school. The classes were not mandatory, but every day after school, I stayed back to attend those additional classes and study English and Mathematics at a more tough level than my classmates did because I was very committed to learning.

In 9th class, I decided to take my subjects in English. Because of my good academic record, the principal of my school allowed it. In my class of 23 students, I was 1 of the 5 students who took subjects in English. It was difficult because our teachers were used to teaching in Urdu and could often not help us in the other language. We attended the classes in Urdu and then got together to find supporting notes in English. We taught ourselves and helped each other. My efforts paid off when I managed to score 81% in matriculation exam. I am now studying at Meritorious College on a full scholarship. After college, I dream of doing MBBS from Agha Khan University.

Madiha Nazir


My mother is literate but she regrets not having studied enough to be able to work professionally. She encourages me and my siblings to make studies our top priority.

I went to a NGO school. I wanted to learn beyond what my teachers taught me at school and I got that opportunity when AAP started evening classes there. While the focus at school was on covering the syllabus so we could score well in exams, my teachers at AAP emphasized on understanding concepts.

AAP classes were conducted for free and all the students from my school were allowed to attend them. Despite of that, 50% of the students from my school did not attended those classes. I, on the other hand, never took a single day off from 6th grade to 10th. I wanted to learn and at that point, the AAP team was there to help me.

I am now in intermediate, 1st year. After completing my studies, I don’t want to work just for money. I want to do MBBS so I can research medicines for incurable diseases and serve my fellow humans. I scored 90.32% marks in matric and I am tirelessly studying for my intermediate now. My AAP teacher told me that if I get a good percentage in intermediate as well and if I am able to clear the entrance test, I will be able to get admission in a good medical school. I have started working towards that goal and I pray I am able to accomplish it soon.